Date of Live Webinar: 14 Sep 2017

SSM National Conference and MAICSA Annual Conference just ended not long ago … With these two mega events happening, there will be a lot of “happening” updates on what’s going on and what’s going to happen …

All the after effects of post Companies Act 2016 implementation which expanded the emotions of professionals that’s trying hard to cope with the changes …

喜、怒、哀、乐、悲、恐、惊 Happiness, Anger, Sadness, Joy, Sorrow, Fear & Shock (or some even feel Traumatised)

No matter what emotions you are going through, not to worry …

I’ve kidnapped Li Chen to share everything she knowS to you this Thursday. Her updates and Q&A session will stabilise your roller coaster emotions …

Webinar Topic: Latest Updates on Companies Act 2016 & Q&A Session (Post SSM National Conference & MAICSA Annual Conference)


In this 2-hours 15 mins training video, you will get

0:00:00 – 00:10:00


00:10:00 – 01:29:00

Latest Updates of CA2016

01:29:00 – 01:34:00

Short Break

01:34:00 – 02:15:00

Q&A Session


If CPD and CPE is not your concern, the