Date of Live Webinar:  20 Jun 2017

We create competent professionals & directors who are able to confidently deal with CA2016 !!! This is reflected in the time spent on answering questions live

This is the actual behind the scene of our webinar on Companies Act 2016: Updates Plus Q&A Session (Jun 2017) …

A quote from American Journalist, Jessica Savitch … “For every 2 minutes of GLAMOUR, there are 8 hours of HARD WORK !”

And this webinar was 4 hours and 44 mins … (444 means 喜喜喜 (Happy Happy Happy lar) …

Li Chen and I gave ourselves GLAMOUROUS name , we decided to position ourself as the Goddess of CompaniesMethod

But behind our SELF GLOROFIED GLAMOUROUS title, there is brain juice draining and hardwork involved …

Li Chen sat on high chair presenting to our live audience while I am squatting on a lower stool supporting the entire webinar at the background …

We are also working hard improving and adding more training materials continuously even after our webinar …


In this 4-hours 44 mins training video, you will get

0:00:00 - 00:38:00

Pre-webinar Quiz Part 1(MCQ & Written format)

Introduction and new training materials under development

00:38:00 - 01:42:00

Answer question submitted by audience in FAQ Website Part 1

01:42:00 - 01:54:00

Short Break

Announcement from Evanna on new updates of CompaniesMethod

01:54:00 - 02:54:00

Answer question submitted by audience in FAQ website and live audience Part 2

02:54:00 - 03:15:00

Announcement from Evanna on upcoming exciting webinars related to Companies Act 2016

03:15:00 - 03:28:00

Sharing out the Correct Answers to Pre-webinar Quiz (MCQ & Written format)

03:28:00 - 04:30:00

Li Chen going through FAQ pdf from SSM website (note: SSM updated the FAQ on 9 June 2017)

04:30:00 - 4:44:02

Li Chen answered more mast minute questions submitted by live audience