Date of Live Webinar: 29 Apr 2017

This Webinar Session on New Companies Act 2016: Latest Updates (as of Apr 2017) Plus Q&A Session was haunted and cursed …

My webinar platform suddenly lost connection & got interrupted … Then, I switched to FB Live … However, my FB Live encountered constant interruption …

As the BESTest Edutainer & Producer of Online Training, I immediately did a F.A.D.O.S

(F) Face the problem

(A) Accept the situation

(D) Deal with the circumstances

(O) Overcome with all your means

(S) Surrender to fate

F.A.D.O.S is all I can do given the tremendous pressure that I was facing at a LIVE session ...

If the heaven whats me to be fail, I will fail no matter what I do ... But during the journey, I will go all out & try all options I can ...

Until now, I don't know what's the problem but I sure tried my best to solve the problem

So, the great news is .. I have edited the video and the FULL training video replay is UP !!! HUHU HUHU


In this 5-hours training video, you will get

0:00:00 - 00:30:00

Pre-webinar Quiz Part 1(MCQ & Written format)

00:30:00 - 01:30:00

Answer question submitted by audience in FAQ Website

01:28:00 - 02:02:07

Practice Directive 2/2017

Practice Notes 1/2017

02:02:07 - 02:25:0 -

Pre-webinar Quiz Part 2 (MCQ)

02:23:00 - 03:20:00

Further Explanation on SSM FAQ

03:20:00 - 04:25:00

Answer question submitted by Live Audience ...

Removal of Directors

Non-Voting Shares

4:25:00 - 4:41:00

Correct Answers to Pre-webinar Quiz (MCQ & Written format)

4:41:00 - 4:52:13

Upcoming Webinar Announcement & Updates