Theory: Actual Live Webinar (English FREE Sponsored)

4 items to Open Before Actual Live Webinar

  1. WebinarJam Live Room Browser
  2. WebinarJam Control Room Browswer
  3. Facebook Event Page
  4. Learnabee Sales Page

Flow & Script

Flow #01: Greeting

Script #01:

Halo, <Trainer's Name> , how are you ? <Pause for a few seconds>.

Halo, ladies and gentleman online, thank you for logging in to attend this webinar title <webinar title found in learnabee>

Flow #02: Sound Check

Script #02:

Before we start, I would like to do a sound check. If you can hear me, you can see me, when I mention your name, do type in the chat box which location are you logging in from ? Ipoh, Sibu, PJ ....

<read out names from WebinarJam Control Room>

<read out names and location of audience>

Flow #03: Introduction

Script #03:

Sound check is OK. Let's start !

Once again, for today's webinar, we have invited <Trainer's Name> to share on <Webinar Title>.

Ok, <Trainer's Name>, the floor is yours

Flow #04: Guide Speaker to do Screen Sharing

Flow #05: Moderate Q&A Session

Script #05:

Thank you so much for your sharing, you can take a 5 mins break and come back for the next session, which is the Q&A Session.

For those of you online, kindly type your question in the chatbox

<read out names from WebinarJam Control Room>

Do you have any questions ? If no, do type 0 in the chatbox so that we know that you don't have any question. If yes, type your question in the chatbox.

Flow #06: Happy or Not Happy before Ending the webinar

Script #06:

OK, We will end our webinar soon. But before that, when I read out your name, let us know whether you are happy or not happy with our training ya ?

If happy, type happy. If not happy, can type not happy. hahahah

<read out names from WebinarJam Control Room> Are you happy or not happy with the training ?

<read out names and feedback of audience>

Flow #07: Ending the webinar

Script #07:

Great ! I will end this webinar. Have a nice day <Trainer's name> and everyone online.

Bee Happy. Learn Online.

Bye Bye !