20200418 PRACTICAL: Use WebinarJam to Inform Audience that Replay, Download & Certificate of Completion is Ready

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【REPLAY, DOWNLOAD & CERT】<Webinar Title>

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Great news !

Our Live Webinar was <date & time> & we rush die rush life (赶死赶命) to put up the replay, slides download & activated the certificate of completion to Learnabee liao. 

If you are a paid participants, click here to access your goodies <link to curriculum>

If you belum bayar, click here to sign up (RM XX) <link to sales checkout>

Payment inclusive of Unlimited Replay, Download of PDF Slides or Notes, Certificate of Completion to manually claim your CPD/CPE points.

If you need you to get our training brochure to claim from your company, click here for our training brochure <link to sales page>

If you are still blur blur about our live webinars & online training, please don't hesitate to whatsapp +6012 203 8046

No Jam. No Parking. No Virus.

Learn Online. Bee Happy.

Most importantly, Bee Safe ya ... 🐝

Good Luck,


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