(English) Effective Debt Recovery and Legal Process by Dr. Steven Liew

Total Duration of Training: 7 hours 11 minutes

Everything you need to know about Effective Debt Recovery and Legal Process

Effective Debt Recovery and Legal Process by Dr. Steven Liew - Beginner to Intermediate Level

Effective Debt Recovery and Legal Process - Beginner to Intermediate Level

Webinar Outline:

Effective Debt Recovery and Legal Process - Advanced Level

Effective Debt Recovery and Legal Process - Advanced Level

Webinar Outline:


In order to be an effective collector, you need to have the heart of an entrepreneur. This course will help to provide you with an environment that stimulates proactive behavior in order to achieve greater goals for yourselves and your organization. By creating value for your organization, you will be amazed at the speed of career advancement. Real-current problematic debt cases will be analyzed and scenario solutions will be provided under the guidance of Dr. Steven Liew.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understanding Negotiation Techniques
  • Profiling Your Customers
  • Use Practical Debt Recovery Approaches
  • Understand Legal Debt Recovery Strategies


Case Study & Group Discussion. Real-current problematic debt cases will be analyzed and scenario solutions will be discussed within the workshop.


Bankers, Accountants, Business Managers, Marketing Managers, Collection Executives, Sales Executives, Finance Executives, Supervisors, Managers, Credit Analysts, Credit Controller & Recovery Officers.

Special Feature: NOTE: Please bring laptop along ( Templates are provided)


Day 1

Module 1: Burning issues in debt recovery

  • Management Bureaucracy
  • Collectors Are Not Well Recognized
  • Borrowers Has Multiple Loans Exposure To Other Banks
  • Unable To Locate Customers
  • Insufficient Funding For Repayment

Module 2: Customer Risk Profile

  • Assessing Your Risk Factors
  • What Are The Strategies To Negotiate Debt?
  • Why Borrowers Are Not Paying You?

Module 3: Negotiation Techniques

  • Soft Negotiation
  • Hard Negotiation
  • Principles Negotiation
  • Successful Negotiation

Profiling Your Debtors

  • Handling Complaints & Difficult Customers
  • Focus on Large Customer
  • Visit your Debtor

Module 4: Improve Telephone Skills

  • Improve Telephone Skills
  • Collection Skills Via Telephone

Collection Skills Via Telephone

  • Persistency
  • Speak Your Customer Language
  • Profiling Customers
  • Flow Along With The Customers

Module 5: Credit Evaluation & Monitoring

  • Importance of Credit Evaluation & Monitoring
  • Criteria For Approval Or Rejection
  • Setting the Credit Limit
  • Monitoring Customer Account
  • Group exercises

Qualities of an Effective Collector

  • Identify the qualities of an effective collector & rank them
  • Role play & reverse play on your attributes as effective Collector

Module 6: Case Studies & Group Discussion

  • Case Study 1 (Negotiation Skill)
  • Case Study 2 (Credit Evaluation)
  • Case Study 3 (Handling Difficulty Debtor)
  • Case Study 4 ( Bank Branch Manager Task)

Recoveries Techniques

Module 7: External Outsourcing to Collection Agencies

  • When & why Outsource debts to collection agency
  • Outsourcing Cost

Internal Outsourcing to Staff

  • Why should outsource to staff & when not to outsource to staff

Module 8: Legal Procedure

  • What To Do Before Litigation
  • Contents Of Letter Of Demand
  • Factors To Consider Before Suing
  • Preparation For Suing
  • Preparation For Trial
  • Enforcement Of Judgments

Module 9: Bankruptcy (Amendment) Bill 2016

  • Voluntary Arrangement introduced as a new rescue mechanism
  • Stringent requirements for service of bankruptcy notice and creditor’s petition
  • Single order of bankruptcy introduced
  • Minimum debt threshold has been increased
  • Stronger protection for social guarantors
  • Leave of court required to commence bankruptcy proceedings against other guarantors
  • New list of bankrupts to be allowed discharge
  • Automatic discharge introduced
  • Establishment of the Insolvency Assistance Fund

Module 10: Case Studies & Group Discussion

  • Case Study 5: Head of Credit Controller Task
  • Case Study 6 (Dealing with NPL borrowers)
  • Case Study 7 (Detecting early warning sign)
  • Case Study 8 (Government Accounts)

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Your Instructor

Dr. Steven Liew
Dr. Steven Liew

Dr Steven Liew Is A Fellow Member of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Up and Is A Chartered Accountant by Profession. He Has an Asia Pacific Executive MBA (For Senior Executives) From the National University of Singapore And a PhD In International Finance with Rushmore University Of USA.

He had worked in Private Sector Companies, Ranging from Family-Run Businesses to Professionally Managed Multi-National Corporations in South Asia And the Asean Region. He Has Accumulated More Than 28 Years Working Experience in Senior Financial & Operational Management Positions Spearheading the Profitability and Growth of Companies. He Has Worked for the MBF Finance & Its Related Group of Companies Over The 10 Years Period.

He Is A Registered Trainer With The Government Human Resources Development Berhad (Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad). And He Is A GST Tax Consultant And Had Successfully Completed The Custom Examination & also a regular SST trainer for many companies

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Important Note: If you want to download the Certificate of Completion at the end of this course, please make sure the FULL NAME you key in is 100% Accurate ya ...

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