(English) Employer Tax Obligation by Song Liew Tzen Hsiung 淞老师 (ANC Group)

Total Duration of Training: 3 hours 27 minutes

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📣Course Description
Compliance with employer’s tax obligation which includes filing of Return Form of Employer (“Form E”) to the LHDN Malaysia and preparation of employee’s statement of Remuneration from Employment (“Form EA”), would be at the company’s agenda during the first quarter of the year 2020.

What are the risks and pitfalls associated with completing the Form E and EA? Any new updates in 2020? Most importantly, understanding the concept of Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD) / Potongan Cukai Bulanan (PCB) and how to resolve PCB audit.

Spend 4 hours quality time with Mr.Song Liew on both technical and practical aspect of employer’s tax obligation. The training will also consist of live demonstration on extraction of information, forms, practical guides for PCB audit and complying other employer tax obligation. The event is organized by eSoftSQL & ANC Group, All are welcome.

🎯Course Outline
🔥Overview of Employer’s tax obligation
🔥Understanding the types of employment income in the Act
🔥Non submission or incorrect of submission of income tax return. Employer or employee to be blamed?
🔥How to appeal against PCB Audit?
🔥Overview of Form E, C.P.8D and EA
🔥Completing Form EA:
> Employment income & benefits
> Allowances and tax-exempt allowances
> Director Fee
> Tax borne by employer
> Benefit in Kind
> Leave Passage
> Compensation for loss of employment
> Value of living accommodation
🔥Completing Form E and C.P.8D
🔥Recent Updates and Developments (Budget 2020)
🔥Penalties and offences
🔥Q&A Session

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Your Instructor

Song Liew Tzen Hsiung 淞老师 (ANC Group)
Song Liew Tzen Hsiung 淞老师 (ANC Group)

Song Liew is the founder of ANC Group, a professional consulting firm located in 4 different states in Malaysia and network firms in the ASEAN region. The firm’s Facebook Page currently followed by 65,000 followers.

He is a tax agent licensed by the Ministry of finance, member of MIA, CTIM, ACCA, ASEAN CPA and an approved HRDF trainer. Song provides tax compliance services and tax advisory for both domestic and cross border transactions.

He is a trainer/facilitator/lecturer for MBA finance, tax workshops organised by Malaysian Institute of Accountants, MEF Academy, SQL Accounting Software and in-house training for corporations. Song has collaborated with Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) in tax seminar and IRBM Media videos.

He has also made his appearance in local newspapers, radio station and has conducted more than one hundred trainings with largest audiences of 2,500 and online viewers of 2,700. For consecutive 3 years, he has trained more than 10,000 students nationwide.

He authored Implementation to SST 2.0 and Employer Obligation and Tax Planning. He is currently a member of MIA Young Professionals Committee’s Engagement Working Group.

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Important Note: If you want to download the Certificate of Completion at the end of this course, please make sure the FULL NAME you key in is 100% Accurate ya ...

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