(English) Shareholder Oppression: Personal vs Corporate Wrong (Case Analysis: Dato’ Shabaruddin Bin Ibrahim v Dato’ Ruslan Bin Ali Omar & Ors) by Mr Dinesh Nandrajog (NANDRAJOG Advocates & Solicitors)

Training Duration: 2 hours 31 minutes

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Everything you need to know about Shareholder Oppression: Personal vs Corporate Wrong

Title: Shareholder Oppression: Personal vs Corporate Wrong

In-Depth Case Analysis: Dato’ Shabaruddin Bin Ibrahim v Dato’ Ruslan Bin Ali Omar & Ors

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Webinar Outline

# 01 What are the issues in this case?

  • What is the true/ real complaint by the plaintiff?
  • Are the alleged wrongs actually wrongs done on the company?
  • What are the circumstances to file an oppression action?
  • Can conducts post-filing of the oppression action be considered

#02 Parties

  • Plaintiff v 7 Defendants
  • Shareholding Ownership

#03 Chronology of Events

  • Jan 2019 - Oct 2020

#04 Summarized Background

  • Difference between the 2 Settlement Agreements
  • DSI’s Version of Events
  • DRAO’s Version of Events

#05 Issues to be discussed
1st Issue: Alleged oppressive action arising from the Proposed Settlement Scheme

  • What is the real complaint by plaintiff?
  • Are the alleged wrongs actually wrongs done on the company?
    • Table of Comparison: Derivative Action vs Oppression Action
    • What corporate wrong constitutes a personal wrong against a minority shareholder?
    • Was the breach of fiduciary duty unfair to the plaintiff?
      • Section 346(1) CA 2016
    • When is an oppression action not an abuse of process?
      • Ho Yew Kong v Sakae Holdings Ltd [2018] SGCA 33 - Real Injury which is distinct from the injury to the company
    • Question of fact - considered as a consecutive story
      • Genisys Integrated Engineers Pte Ltd v UEM Genisys Sdn Bhd & ors [2008] 6 MLJ 237 - In some cases, even a single act or transaction which amounts to a corporate wrong may suffice to constitute oppression
      • Re Kong Thai Sawmill (Miri) Sdn Bhd [1978] 2 MLJ 227 - Awareness of the minority interest and a conscious decision by the majority
      • Jaya Medical Consultants Sdn Bhd v Island & Peninsular Bhd & anors [1994] 1 MLJ 520 - Visible departure from the standard of fair play
    • Effect and consequences of the corporate wrongs

2nd Issue: Continuing oppressive action post-filing of the oppression action

  • A firm tendency/ propensity by the Defendants to oppress DSI or to disregard his interests.
    • Re Kong Thai Sawmill (Miri) Sdn Bhd [1978] 2 MLJ 227
    • Allegations
      • Meetings
      • Legal representation
      • Work
    • Court Held
      • Director? Shareholder?
      • Arguably a misuse of the company’s fees
      • TTPC’s Chairman of the Audit Committee

3rd Issue: Conduct in the proceedings of the oppression action

  • Plaintiff’s Arguments
    • Defendants refused to produce documents
    • Defendants gave false and misleading statements
    • Evidence Submitted
    • Proceedings are NOT an extension of the company’s management
    • Davis v Sheerin (In re Davis) 3 F. 3rd 113, 1993 U.S. App

#06 Summary of Conclusion

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Your Instructor

Dinesh Nandrajog
Dinesh Nandrajog

Dinesh Nandrajog completed his LLB (Hons) at University of Reading, England & Wales in 2011. He was then called to the Malaysian Bar in 2012. He is a partner of M/s Nandrajog and his areas of practice include General Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, with specialisation in the laws relating to Contract, Company, Construction, Debt Recovery, Employment and Insolvency matters.

Dinesh has co-authored several legal publications, and is also a Certified Adjudicator and member of Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC)'s Panel of Adjudicators.

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