(English) High Return Preference Share & Trust Product Lesson 15: Questions & Answers Session

Total Training Duration: 6 hours 21 minutes.

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Upcoming Webinar: 2 Mar 2022, Wednesday

Title: (Part 2) Lesson 15 High Return Preference Share & Trust Products: Questions and Answer Session

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Webinar Outline of Part 1:

1 Preference Shares
1.1 So far, lots of cautionary on preference shares investment. Have you come across any genuine preference share investment worth investing?
1.2 May I know what is the typical range of preference share interest?

2 Trust vs Portfolio
2.1 What are private trust & private portfolios?

3 Type of Trust
3.1What is cash trust ? Is it some kind of unit trust ?

4 Legitimacy of Trust
4.1 For offshore investment, it is tax free. How do you know if those are ligitimate?
4.2 How many trust companies in Malaysia or those trust company is from oversea?
4.3 Many types of cash trust companies in the market, do you know which one is illegal?

5 Case Study
5.1 What do you think of this DCS private trust?
5.2 How is UBB and DCS trust?

10 Insurance Trust

10.1 If cash trust is something related to DCS private trust, could I assign my insurance policy to this trustee company because nowadays insurance company also encourages us to park our policy to trustee company cause our kids still minor?
10.2 I would like to know if established Trust companies like UBB Amanah, Trust set up by RHB Bank, RockWills & others are trustworthy for us to set up trusts account to leave for our children?

11 Listing
11.1 Could you please list the legitimate Trust Companies so we can be certain our money is safely in trust account?
11.2 Could you please give us a few names of trustee company and fund manager company?

11.3 Could you please give us some names of legitimate trust companies so we can be sure how safe our invested cash is?

14 Reported Cases
14.1 Is there any real case of Trustee company being caught for such scheme?

14.2 What's the difference between Pyramid Scheme vs Ponzi Scheme ?

14.3 Is there any similar cases that are currently on court proceedings?

14.4 Is this scandal already in the court proceedings?

15 Lodge Complaint to Authorities
15.1 Why don't you report this case to the regulator?

15.2 Why don't you become a whistleblower & alert the authorities?

Webinar Outline of Part 2:

6 Trust Deed
6.1 In some of the trust investment, the client needs to sign NDA and gives discretionary power to the Trust company to manage the money, is that allowed?

7 Collateralised Assets
7.1 How the collateral assets work as protection?

8 Financial Failure of Trust Capital
8.1 What system run insolvency test ?
8.2 What are the avenues if the cash trust company underperform and did not deliver as promised?

9 Protection of Trust Capital
9.1 In the beginning of the slide you mentioned trust is very high risk and one of the reason is unregulated. Isn't trust company monitor by MOF according to the Trustee Act?
9.2 Though the Trustee Act 1949, (Section 4 Authorized Investments) governing types of securities Trustee Companies can invest or loan to "Approved Company"?
9.3 Is such trust need to get approval from some Government authority?
9.4 What are the main legislation that govern trust companies and do these cover protection of trust investors?

12 Relating to Case Studies of Lesson 11, 12 & 13
12.1 Spider Web
12.2 Do the BOD sign or file any Declaration of Solvency?
12.3 If L group G group is in loss position, how are they going to pay sky high dividend?
12.4 How to identify trustee & fund manager complot?
12.5 Is there any red flags if a trustee sets up a JV with a fund manager?
12.6 Why SSM allows it to be lodged if it is deemed contravene to the Companies Act?
12.7 It stated clearly in Public Ruling No. 9/2020 on distribution received by Trust Fund from Trustees is tax exempted as the distribution income from Trustee is not defined in Income Tax Act 1967. What is your opinion on this?

13 Comments on Misleading Sales Talk

13.1 Misleading on the Actual History of Trust Company

13.2 Misleading that the returns are from profit & Tax Free
13.3 Misleading on the Nature of Public Money placed in Trust Company
13.4 Misleading that the Trust Product is safe
13.5 Misrepresenting association with Authorities / MOF

16 Questions received from Live Audience of Part 1 Q&A Session on 11 Feb 2021

16.1 What do you mean by without any corporate background?

16.2 How do we know whether an individual has corporate background? Can we see that from the SSM search?
16.3 How come gov allowed this kind of trustee company to continue to operate since compliant reports have to be fulfilled?
16.4 Muslim can buy this cash trust? customer no need to declare financial if put more than rm50k?

16.5 What do u mean indemnify and an investor cannot claim back? Where can we find this proof or source?

16.6 But the trustees cannot collapse right .. if they do another trustee will take over and pay the customers
16.7 As trustees companies keep hiding their investment source.. How can we know where the money of customers is invested?
16.8 Since u have done due diligence on the company, can we know which company
16.9 Where did Mr. S pop out from SSM data with other directors in A Trustee Com?
16.10 From where do you know they are being sued?
16.11 How to whether it is tightly connected or not?
16.12 If Mr Z, the director of company XXX, being sued and he resigned later. Is the sued follow the company or individual?
16.13 How do you find out that there is RM 826 million invested into P E&A Sdn Bhd? from which financial statement shows that?
16.14 There should be plenty of thought before taking such action because the ultimate victim is always the investors.
16.15 Can we just have a list and skip the due diligence?
16.16 What's the relationship between DCS and UBB because you linked 2 companies together?
16.17 Since u can prove most directors and shareholders of A trustee have negative historical records, why does SSM allow them to operate a trustee? and I was told under trust company act? The trustee will be inspected by SSM randomly of their operation, is that true?
16.18 Auditor did not raise red flags, why it is so loose in control? And trustee can not be trusted.....what if they handled inheritance money?
16.19 Can I know where Rockwills park client's inheritance cash? for instance, insurance payout upon client demised? still in FD?
16.20 How much would you charge for the answer to the Q&A, without us doing the Due Diligence?
16.21 Is it means when the company winds up, the company does not need to pay back money to the investor?

16.22 Which complaint channel is most effective for rps?

16.23 Can you explain what happens to Amanah Raya Cash Trust?
16.24 If Trustee Company is dubious, why they can get approval from the government to open an investment bank?
16.25 Trustee is protected by multi-million dollar professional indemnity insurance, If the scheme fails, our trust capital is protected by the professional indemnity insurance

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