(English) Tax Planning Method GST Intermediate by Cindy Yew (Adrian Yeo)

Everything you need to know about GST Intermediate

GST Course (Intermediate Level)

GST Intermediate course is designed for those accountants and finance managers who need to review and guide their staff on GST

1 GST registration – compulsory or voluntary
2. Review of new tax codes in accounting entries
3. Bad debts relief
4. Treatment of imported goods and services
5. Export of goods and services
6. Disbursements and reimbursements
7. Incidental exempt supply
8. Amendments of GST03 for errors and omissions
9. GAF file changes
10. High risk area for GST Audit
11. GST review tips

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Your Instructor

Cindy Yew (AdrianYeo)
Cindy Yew (AdrianYeo)
  • Head of Tax Division of AdrianYeo
  • Over 16 years of working experience including:
    • 2 years in Singapore, familiar with GST
    • 12 years in public practice
    • 2 years in a listed company
  • Lead our tax advisory and compliance team
  • Handled numerous tax audit and investigation cases
  • Advised and handled various tax incentives cases
  • Speaker, trainer and advisor in Tax Audit and Investigation, Corporate Tax and GST implementation.

Course Curriculum

  GST Intermediate
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