(English) TaxPlanningMethod Accounting & GST Review with Latest Updates on GST by ANNIE EE (AdrianYeo)

Total Duration of Training: 5 hours 18 minutes

Everything you need to know about Accounting & GST Review with Latest Updates on GST

Accounting & GST Review with Latest Updates on GST

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ANNIE EE (AdrianYeo)
ANNIE EE (AdrianYeo)

Annie started her career at a very young age and has packed 16 years of working experience in the Accountancy profession.

Annie is currently the lead trainer in SQL Accounting System and heads the Accounting Department in AdrianYeo since January 2014.

Prior to this Annie had 7.5 years experience in audit and 6 years in accounting.

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  Accounting & GST Review with Latest Updates on GST
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